This is not a cafe!

“This is not a cafe – This is a war zone – Ships officers – Non solvable discussion area – Mining, petroleum officers beverage spot.” –Mrs. Walley Excerpt from a note written on a napkin and left at Deux Gros Nez coffee house in Reno, NV, sometime between 1995-1998. The above excerpt became one of… Continue reading This is not a cafe!

There is a feeling that I like best

There is a feeling that I like best

When I come into the kitchen of my nest

And Reid is making a model

Or painting some trees or a flower

And Lance is rearranging the wires

On one of his ‘lectronic devices

To give a new gadget more power

Or maybe they’re laughing with Lucy

Or Gilligan or Elizabeth Montgomery

Or thrilling o’er one of Lassie’s adventures.

And I am making them Ovaltine

And hot oatmeal if it’s morning,

A grilled cheese sandwich or a crisp green salad

And I feel them waiting with quiet love.

© 1976 Annette L. Strang-Walley. All rights reserved. (Redlands, CA, January 1976)