At Williamsburg

There is a placeWhere quiet streetsAnd verdant scenesRefresh the soulAnd calm the mind. There is a placeWhere brick-laid pathsAnd cobbled streetsWere trodden smoothWith patriots’ solesThat would not know defeat. There is a placeWhere once a manStood up and said,”Give me liberty -Or give me death!” There is a placeWhere “Young Hot Colts”Met [at] night, upstairs… Continue reading At Williamsburg

There is a feeling that I like best

There is a feeling that I like best

When I come into the kitchen of my nest

And Reid is making a model

Or painting some trees or a flower

And Lance is rearranging the wires

On one of his ‘lectronic devices

To give a new gadget more power

Or maybe they’re laughing with Lucy

Or Gilligan or Elizabeth Montgomery

Or thrilling o’er one of Lassie’s adventures.

And I am making them Ovaltine

And hot oatmeal if it’s morning,

A grilled cheese sandwich or a crisp green salad

And I feel them waiting with quiet love.

© 1976 Annette L. Strang-Walley. All rights reserved. (Redlands, CA, January 1976)

Poem For My Favorite Cousin, Sally

Sally, is, as a distant mountain peak, That, though you seldom see, is, always, there. Whose wavy hair of Autumn auburn Frames the sweetest face that, one, might, ever see. Whose eyes glisten, as the stars, at Early Twilight, With playful joy, as mermaids, near the shore, at Night And, hides a charming brain with… Continue reading Poem For My Favorite Cousin, Sally