“Returning Titles” Cassette Artwork by Reid Walley

In 1998, my son Reid designed this cassette artwork.

Mrs Walley "Returning Titles" cassette cover
Mrs Walley “Returning Titles” cassette cover: Mrs Walley (1989; age 50).
Mrs Walley "Returning Titles" cassette inside panel 2
Mrs Walley “Returning Titles” cassette artwork inside panel 2. Design: © 1998 Reid Walley. Mrs Walley in self-designed red dress (1972; age 33); Mrs Walley wearing blue veil (1965; age 26); Boxed pic (1965; son Reid age 1, Mrs Walley age 26).
Mrs Walley "Returning Titles" cassette inside panel 1
Mrs Walley “Returning Titles” cassette inside panel 1: Design: © 1998 Reid Walley. Miss Annette L. Strang wearing a kimono (1954; age 15); Boxed pic (1970; sons Reid (Lt) age 6, and Lance (Rt) age 3).

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