Music that impacted me the most!

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Year: 1954 Age: 14 Location: Bayreuth, Germany While visiting Europe for 6 months with my mother, Dr. Pearl Marie Sampson. Grand operas by Wagner: – Tannhäuser – Tristan & Isolde – Lohengrin I watched all three operas over a 5-day period and was speechless for 3 days afterward. I instantly fell in love with grand […]


Poem For My Favorite Cousin, Sally

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Sally, is, as a distant mountain peak, That, though you seldom see, is, always, there. Whose wavy hair of Autumn auburn Frames the sweetest face that, one, might, ever see. Whose eyes glisten, as the stars, at Early Twilight, With playful joy, as mermaids, near the shore, at Night And, hides a charming brain with […]

Napkin Notes

This is not a cafe!

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“This is not a cafe – This is a war zone – Ships officers – Non solvable discussion area – Mining, petroleum officers beverage spot.” –Mrs. Walley Excerpt from a note written on a napkin and left at Deux Gros Nez coffee house in Reno, NV, sometime between 1995-1998. The above excerpt became one of […]